Are Girls Get Exposure?

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Girls get exposure to sexualized messages through, TV, ads, song lyrics, videos, and movies. Television shows and movies depict the attractive, sexy girls as being associated with the popular crowd (APA 6). The APA has noted that advertisements use a blurred framework known as “trickle up” and “trickle down” with the sole purpose of making girls appear to be more adult like, and women to appear more child-like. For example, network TV aired a Victoria Secret’s Christmas themed fashion starring models dressed up to look like children. They strutted across the runway in baby doll lingerie as they dragged stuffed animals behind them (APA 12). Music is overflowing with songs that sexualize and degrade women (APA 6). Research has shown that children and teenagers on average listen to more than 2 hours of music a day (Parker-Pope). The message that young people are receiving from both female and male artists reinforce that sexualization of females is normal and accepted. For example, coming in at number 3, on September’s 2015 Billboard’s Top 100 is male artist OMI with the song Cheerleader (“Music: Top 100”). The artist describes his perfect woman to be someone who is submissive and knows her place. She is gorgeous and thin and does what he requests. A little further, down on the list coming in at number 7, is artist Selena Gomez with the song Good for You (“Music: Top 100”). The female artist sings about wanting to look good for a man. She does this by putting on a dress
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