Are Good Bio Indicators Of The Aquatic Ecosystem?

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Copepods are good bio indicators of the aquatic ecosystem as their presence can depict the quality of water in aquatic ecosystem. The death of Copepods in week 3 can be due to various factors such as enormous increase in the salinity of the water from 223 to 257 and the temperature wasn’t high enough (optimum temperature 28degree Celsius).(Rhyne et al 2009; Nielsen et al 2003) Copepod existence did not increase when there was rise in salinity and temperature as they were not able to tolerate warm and saline environment. (Hall and Burns 2001) The increased salinity levels generated osmotic stress which copepods couldn’t tolerate. Also, the small aquatic ecosystem in the jar didn’t give enough space for copepods to escape from predators such as Crayfish as predicted by the food web. There wasn 't enough diversity in diets for copepods to feed on so they were unable to acquire their vital nutrients which could have also contributed to their death. However, the death of copepods enabled primary producers to grow which was vital for the survival of the ecosystem as animals need oxygen gas for respiration and energy as they are unable to make their own food.
In addition, Some Vallisneria leaves changed colour from green to yellow-brownish as shown in figure 8. Plant nutrients, nitrate and phosphate supported production of chlorophyll, increasing rate of photosynthesis. However, excess of these nutrients reduced amount of chlorophyll and photosynthesis stopped. Green Algae formed…
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