Are Holidays with Pay a Human Right?

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I will argue that is it not plausible to have a human right to regular holidays with pay. It fails to be a human right because it is alienable, it is not universal, it is (redundant) not fundamental to our personhood and impossible to fulfill, therefore, it cannot be claimed or impose duties on others. I will elaborate on these five characteristics necessary for an interest to be considered a human right. I will then compare this (these) criteria to the idea of having regular holidays with pay as a human right. Having denied that paid holidays is not a human right, I will explain that paid holidays are issues of social justice and not human rights. Lastly, four objections and answers will be discussed. (Elaborate a bit on this – list…show more content…
Likewise, if it is impossible for something to do done, it cannot be claimed a right (Cranston, 50). The above criteria will help guide and illustrate what rights are stringent enough to be recognized as human rights. I cited the rights to life, liberty and security necessary to exercising our personhood and living a satisfactory life; such examples are often cited as civil and political rights. There also exists (exist) economic, social and cultural rights such as the right to regular holidays with pay. I will argue that the right to regular holidays with pay fails in being a human right because it is neither inalienable or universal, not essential to our personhood and since it is impossible to fulfill (impossible to provide everyone in the world with paid holidays), it cannot impose duties on others or be claimed. If the right to regular holidays with pay were to be a human right, the right to claim it would apply to all people, at all times and in all situations. In a similar fashion, the duty would fall onto all people, individuals would have an associated negative duty not to intervene with my paid holidays but the positive duty to ensure employers upheld this standard would fall onto the state or international arena. *try shortening the previous sentence. This right would be violated if a remedy was not provided by the offending party if and when vacation time was interfered with, prohibited and/or neglected by individuals and
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