Are Humans Becoming Too Much Dependent On Technology?

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Are Humans Becoming Too Much Dependent On Technology? Can you remember how much time you have spent in the last 24 hours on your computer, television, smartphones, social media, and Internet? No? I believe that’s because that all these activities have become a part and parcel of modern human life. But what if somehow the internet gets deleted or there is an electricity shortage for a day, can you easily manage such a situation? I don’t think so. Most people would argue that there is nothing wrong with using all these advanced gadgets and in today’s life, I would also agree with them. At the same moment, I am also a firm believer that “excess of everything is bad”. People are getting attached to smartphones like they were even born with it. If people depend upon Facebook to remember the birthdays of their close ones then we can say that a human memory is losing its capability. All the sources discuss the influence on modern technology on human beings and how the things will be more complicated in the future. Some experts are warning the mankind regarding how we are putting the work load on the machines and some are defending it by arguing that it’s a normal trend of ‘change’, but humans are in a serious threat of losing their natural capabilities if they stop practicing their brains for routine functions. I believe that technology should be used because it’s the need of the hour and humans can’t go back to life of their ancestors, but it’s a pity that people now, rely on

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