Are Humans Necessary By Margaret Atwood Analysis

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In her article “Are Humans Necessary”, Margaret Atwood stated lots of facts and concerns about robots in future.
She first started with questioning about the imagination we have about our future ——”What fate is in store for us in The Future?” Concluded from all the question marks listed afterwards, Margaret believed that the uncertainty of the future is the reason that we cannot stop thinking about it. When it comes to the future, robots thus came into discussion.
Taking a further step into this subject, Margaret asked why would we expect robots come into our lives and she answered this question in an ironic tone that “Because, deep down, we desire them.” By listing the artistic works and realistic inventions ranging from the story of a Sumerian
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After reading the whole passage, the author Margaret Atwood is clearly concerned with the future with robots, which can also be told from her own fiction works. Personally I would say that certain worries are not necessary.
By comparing the robots to the god at the beginning of the passage Margaret presented an clear image of the robots: a perfect machine operating with logical principles and always helping people when they need. And later Margaret stated some concerns about the rebellion that may happen.
However, this analogy technique is frequently used in this passage later. Yet here it missed something. Though created quite similar to the god, the robots in the artistic works are still quite different from those robots in real life. The robots invented by the scientists are usually designed for a specific purpose, therefore other parts of programs, or in some point of view, “thoughts”, will not be introduced to the robots.
Even if come to the robots that are purposely designed to simulate human kinds, certain moral bottom principles will be installed in to the core program of the robot, which means certain “rebellion” can be prevented by the human kind in
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