Are Ipads Not Good For School Districts?

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Introduction Since IPads and other technology is being introduced into classrooms all around the world. There have been many questions going around are IPads not good in the classroom, are they a distraction? Some schools block all the games and social media on the iPads to not cause distractions in class. Some people believe that the students test scores will be better if you take the assessments on the iPad. Some students and teachers do not know how to properly use the iPads which is not good because it has to help the students.also iPads are expensive which is not good for school districts. Pros Teachers praise the iPads abilities to advance learning. Studies prove that IPads help students in their overall academic performance at any…show more content…
There was a survey and the results said that 70% of teachers never used or rarely used an IPad before being introduced to the classroom. Versus 53.6% of students who have used an iPad before being introduced to the classroom. That is a huge problem because if the teacher does not know much about the iPad the students can be playing games and hiding things from there teacher while the teacher is teaching and she/he will not know what is going on behind the screen. In another survey of 10th and 11th graders 95% of them admitted to texting in class on their iPads when you are not even allowed to use cell phones in class. Teenagers get distracted very easily and will always try to find away around the rules. Students even admit that outside of the classroom their iPads are not used for educational use they are used for games or social media, they spent over 76% of their time on their iPad. Of over 6000 students only two students said they do not think they are a distraction and 302 teachers surveyed only one did not think the IPads were a distraction. iPads are also really expensive at Columbia public schools they spent $350,000 on 1,100 iPads so schools are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for their students to be distracted throughout the day so it is not really worth it. Evaluation The iPads help students with homework and projects but they are a distraction in and outside the classroom and are very
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