Are Iphones And Galaxy?

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Two of the biggest phones are iPhones and Galaxy. iPhones were created by Apple, and Galaxies were created by Android; Apple and Android have been big phone company rivals for the past 10 years. Android has their fair share of fans, but Apple has way more and I am one of them. Many people love Galaxies, but iPhones are better because they are better looking, they take better pictures on snapchat, and because they have a physical store. First off, iPhones are way better looking than Galaxies. iPhones are extremely thin and light; they are 6.9 millimeter think, which is less than half an inch. The iPhone also weighs 129 grams, which is extremely light, and when I mean light, I mean less than a pound light. The galaxy on the other hand, is thicker than the iPhone, and it is also heavier. It is 1 inch thicker and it weighs 138 grams, making it heavier that the iPhone. Another reason why iPhone are better are because the of the colors. Although the colors are limited, the iPhone has better colors than the Galaxy; The iPhone comes in Gold, Space Gray, Silver, and Rose Gold. The Galaxy on the other hand comes in five colors, but none of them look better than the four colors I just mentioned; The galaxy comes in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz, and Green Emerald. As good as all of these colors sound, they are not so pleasing to the eyes. But this is just one of many reasons why the iPhone is better than the Galaxy. Secondly, Snapchat is better on the iPhone
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