Are Leaders Born Or Made?

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“Are leader born or made?” I still remember the first time I had to seriously ponder that question. It happened in August of 2011. I was roaming through a roomful of tables showcasing all the extracurricular activities of my new community college. Suddenly, I stopped in front of a table with a one-word poster: “L.E.G.O.”. What attracted me to that table was the feeling of familiarity of the word to my native language, Spanish. It is not really a word in Spanish and at that time, I didn’t know if it was an actual word in English. When I finally got near the table somebody gave me a brief overview of what LEGO was and told me I could fill out an application and write a short essay. The question of the essay was “are leader born or made?” and I decided to give it a shot. That was the day I officially began my quest in finding out who I was as a leader. Today I believe leaders are made and not born because my experience in life has shown me that being a leader is more than having an extrovert personality is about being able to learn, recognize and follow great leaders, and learn to be a follower as well as a leader. If leaders were born and not made my personality would suggest I was anything but a leader. Some people say that depending on the child personalities, a person could be a leader or not. As a child, I was not social nor shy. Normally, extroverted children would spend their time calling their parents attention, but I spent it exercising my curiosity. At home and in

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