Are Leaders Born Or Made?

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Research completed by the Center for Creative leadership asked for the opinion of 361 executives from 53 countries. The survey asked the respondents to answer the question ‘are leaders born or made?’ The results showed that 52.4% believed leaders are made, 19.1% felt leaders are born and 28.5% thought it was equal. The executives had differing opinions but the ‘leaders are made’ view was more popular. It also revealed that those who indicated ‘leaders are made’ believe that experience is more important than traits or training and what people learn over time is important. Those who indicated ‘leaders are born’ believe traits and experience are equally important and training much less important, this group believe that that employers should be more selective and focus on identifying the right people instead of developing people after recruitment (Gentry et al., 2012).
Taylor (2014) considers how working in the health and social care sector can be stressful. Managers need to be able support team members but also manage their own mental/physical health as the responsibility of leadership can be overwhelming at times. Vivian, one of the six managers in the K313 module felt overwhelmed when she heard that key team members would not be available at a crucial time when a deadline needed to be met. Vivian is now an experienced manager who was able to keep her emotions under control but situations like this can cause considerable stress. She explained that when she first became a…

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