Are Lemurs Primates? Essay

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Are lemurs considered to be a primate? What is a primate and what does a primate consist of? A primate is known for having hands and feet that are very similar to the look of their hands. They also are known for their forward-facing eyes. Primates are not just lemurs. Primates also include prosimians, monkeys, apes, and even humans. The first primate to be developed was a lemur. The word lemur in latin means ghost because lemurs are a nocturnal animal. A Lemur is also an arboreal primate, which meaning that they live in all kinds of trees. All breeds of lemurs have a slightly long pointed snout and typically have a long tail. Lemurs have been around for nearly over 2,000 years (Garbutt 10). This was when they first stepped foot…show more content…
Even though the government of Madagascar has many different laws stating that lemurs should be protected in their habitat, some hunters have decided to go against the laws and hunt all lemurs anyway. Scientists have tried to help save lemurs by capturing them and putting them in a captive-breeding programs to help them to be able to give them a better chance of surviving (Jolly 76). There are around 70 different breeds of lemurs and about 16 of them have become extinct (Riley 6). There are many different breed of lemurs and researchers are still finding more and more different breeds every year. There are three new lemurs found off the coast of Africa in Madagascar. The three new lemurs are all considered to be mouse lemurs. They were named microcebus bongolavensis, microcebus danfossi, and microcebus lokobensis. And since the year 2000, the number of known mouse lemur species have nearly doubled from 8 to 15 different species. The scientists have cautioned that the number of mouse lemurs may be slightly altered if they find more genetic DNA that shows the other named mouse lemurs are not actually unique species (3). One breed of lemur that has been around for many many years is called the indri lemur. Although the indri has a smaller tail than all the other lemurs it is one of the larger lemurs. They also live in the Madagascar and jump from tree to tree and land on each branch in an upright position. The indri lemur also almost never goes down to the
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