Are Mathematical Skills Affected By One 's Proficiency Of The English Language And Alphabet?

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IB Math Studies Internal Assessment: Are mathematical skills affected by one’s proficiency of the English language and alphabet? Exam Session: Spring 2017 School Name: Killeen High School Teacher: Fernando Hernandez Date: 05 March 2017 Course: IB Math Studies Word Count: 2902 Name: Pamela Nguyen Candidate Number: Table of Contents: Introduction: 3 Data Collection: Language Portion: 4 Data Collection: Mathematics: 5 Normal Distribution: 6-8 Correlation: 9 Conclusion and Validity: 10 Attention Span Test Sample: 11-14 Introduction People often accel in two primary academic categories: Language, or Mathematics. For example, I consider myself to accel in mathematics, which in hence aids me quite well in terms of…show more content…
The test consisted of ten short—one to four letters, and long—five to eight letters respectively. Some limitations the participants had were that they were not allowed to see or write down the sequence, and have them repeated. The final test was Mathematical Reason, which consisted of an addition and subtraction portion. An individual one to three-digit number was presented, and from here the participant’s objective was to either add or subtract, depending on their respective portions, by sevens from the given number. Points were given based on a process to value ratio. For instance, if the participant correctly said each number in the sequence correctly up until the eighth number in the sequence, but continued to correctly add or subject in terms of sevens, then points will be given based on the process by lower points will be given due to the incorrect values in that sequence. Some limitations the participant was given include a five second period to ‘think’ and comprehend the number presented, and then a forty-five second period to say as many correct numbers in the sequence as they can. Data Collection: Language Portion Category Word Repetition Letter Sequence Total Avg. Senior:1 20 17 18.5 Senior:2 14 14 14 Senior:3 18 18 18 Senior:4 20 13 16.5 Senior:5 20 15 17.5 Senior:6 16 11 13.5 Senior:7 18 16 17 Senior:8 20 15 17.5 Senior:9 20 16 18 Senior:10 20 15
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