Are Memories Fixed

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Letting Go of The Past: Why Memories Remain Painful
As our brain records memories, it is run through different filters. You pass it through cognitive filters and emotional ones and the memory will be stored based on your interpretation of an event and your assumptions. This is why several people can witness the same event but have entirely different recollections of how it occurred.
Memories remain painful because we attach an emotional charge to each of them. You walk by strangers every day and you don’t store any significant memories because there isn’t an emotion attached. However, if that stranger tripped you or hit you, you would remember it because it brought pain, anger, and distress. Therefore, you will store that under the umbrella of painful and negative.
That emotional charge comes as the result
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At the other end of the spectrum is the other person, who is completely devastated and can’t imagine how they will move on. One will store a painful memory that is difficult to let go of, trapping them in their suffering, and the other will be able to move on from the pain of the experience.
Are Memories Fixed?
They aren’t. Just like an audio recording or even a video, they can be modified, the version updated and upgraded with new details. You see, the facts can’t be changed, however, the emotional aspect of it can be edited when the memory holder faces the emotions that come with the memory and changes the storyline.
Some people can face this sooner than others, but the benefit of counseling is a trained professional who can guide you through your most painful memories so that you can let go. This is especially important when it’s a relationship issue. It’s normal for people to argue, but sometimes it goes too far and it can be difficult to let go of the anger and pain that the person you trust the most touches a raw
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