Are Men Deserve More Funding?

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men deserve more funding when it comes to athletics? Yes, why? Because they are men! Oddly enough, some people deem this to be true.

Over the years, the discussion of funding for sports according to sexuality has been confronted. Should men receive more because they are dominate in sports? Should funding be equal? These are both logical questions to be asked.

In the past years, equality and fairness was a major issue; therefore, President Nixon signed into law “Title IX Act” in 1972. Now in 2015, women have stepped up to the plate and proven themselves to be equal if not better when it comes to sports; therefore, should be treated equally.

In the article “Solving the Title IX Problem”, Frank Deford insists that it is effective but must be given more time to really benefit women. Whereas, in Rick Reilly’s article “Disadvantaged Women”, Reilly suggests that women are and probably will always be at the disadvantage. Both articles address the issue of equality among men and women athletics.

Deford states in his article that “No question about equality is more nettlesome than Title IX’s application to athletics. The law says indisputably that equally proportionate amounts of athletic department money must be sent on both sexes” (Read, Reason, Write 471). He is basically stating what the law is trying to enforce it his views on athletic equality among the sexes somewhat differs. He believes that equal funding is distracting from the progress and funding for the…
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