Are Men Deserve More Funding?

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men deserve more funding when it comes to athletics? Yes, why? Because they are men! Oddly enough, some people deem this to be true.

Over the years, the discussion of funding for sports according to sexuality has been confronted. Should men receive more because they are dominate in sports? Should funding be equal? These are both logical questions to be asked.

In the past years, equality and fairness was a major issue; therefore, President Nixon signed into law “Title IX Act” in 1972. Now in 2015, women have stepped up to the plate and proven themselves to be equal if not better when it comes to sports; therefore, should be treated equally.

In the article “Solving the Title IX Problem”, Frank Deford insists that it is effective
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He acknowledges the woman’s attempt to portray athletics, but believes that sports should be left to the men.

As he states, “More boys care about sports than girls and to demand matching amounts of athletic funding for females is a tortured distortion of fairness”(R,R,W 471). He proposes the question, “Would it make any sense to require equal funding for males in say “dress making”? Simply put, Deford believes that over time the funding may become equal among the sexes when it comes to athletics but no without dyer costs to something that should be left up to “the man”.

Reilly suggests in his articles that women are robbed when it comes to funding or should I say their pay. He goes to use the example, “Did you hear what happened to Venus Williams after she won Wimbledon on Sunday? She was robbed. She had $52,923 ripped right out of her purse, in broad daylight! Instead of getting $705,109, which men’s winner Goran Ivanisevic received on Monday, she earned a new Lexus less” (469). In saying this, he is basically saying that the pay is not equal or fair.

Reilly believes that women deserve equal pay when it comes to athletics if not more. His claims rely on the fact that men 's’ sports are over-rated and are becoming boring. Women give a more entertaining performance and bring a sense of style and technique to the game. Who wants to see a bunch of men destroy and manhandle everything? Personally, I do not. They are all the same, aggressive with no personality;
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