Are Men More Important Than Women Essay

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Are Men More Important Than Women Sports is the one thing in the world that brings people together no matter the race, religion, or gender. Sports are a part of many people’s life. Sports brings hope, joy, sadness and success to people. Men and women have been playing the same sports over a century. Sports can be passed as traditions in families, a way of living, and can played for fun. Sports also generates revenue to countries. Many people in the United States alone treats sports more like a religion than just a game. Emotions tend to be high in sports which leads to violence and disputes. These emotions lead to some controversial questions about the how men and women are being treated in the sports world. There are different issues on how women and men are been discriminated. For the purposes of my paper, I will focus on three main positions on discriminations in sports. The first group of people believes that women are not being treated fair in the sports by not getting the same attention and money as men. Many people with the same opinion on this issue believe that women athletes are being looked as second class citizens and they deserve more. And then there is the group who disagrees with the first group. This group believes that the reason there is a men athletes get paid more is because the men sell more merchandise which brings in more revenue to their respective leagues. Many people with the same beliefs will agree that the reason is fans tend to buy men

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