Are Men Really Messier Than Women?

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Are men REALLY messier than women?
Some might argue absolutely that men are messier than women and less hygienic. Men were observed on whether they would wash their hands after using the restroom better if they were in the company of other men washing their hands or if they were alone. 90% of males washed their hands if there were other men also washing their hands or using the restroom while 44% did not wash their hands at all when they were alone. In another study, researchers described college student’s hygiene habits and found women reported washing their hands after each restroom visit 24% more times than their male counterparts (Miko, Cohen, Conway, Gilman, & Steward, 2012). Yikes! Although these studies concentrate on hand washing, they are not helping to support our hypothesis. We test the hypothesis that men are more likely than women to throw away their trash in a busy food court.
Participants were random men and women (M = 20, F = 21) who visited the food court once during the week and once during a weekend day at the Galleria Mall located in Rocklin, California. The participants did not know they were part of a correlation or observation test. The dependent variable in this test was whether or not men or women threw away their trash after they were done eating. A diverse set of random participants were observed for two days. Participants in group A were observed at the Galleria food court on Thursday October 1, 2015 at 2:57pm. The researcher…

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