Are Men and Women Created Equal?

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A wise man once said everybody is created equally. Another wise man also said woman lie, man lie, but numbers don’t lie. Everyone has heard of the battle of the sexes and it’s always nice to have some friendly competition. But are men and woman really created equally? Is one born with a more advantage then the other? If so, which one are more privileged men or woman? Most of my research points towards man being more privileged than woman. Woman’s suffrage began in the beginning of the 19th and the 20th centuries with the power for woman’s vote. Woman voting has been a major impact in woman’s history and a prime example of female rights. The 19th amendment finally granted woman the right the vote August 18, 1920. Woman was granted the same rights as men and it wasn’t until 1848 a movement for woman’s rights was finally launched. Woman was known as a minatory along with African American’s. The “Woman’s Suffrage” is the rights for woman to vote and to run for office. White men never had to never have to fight for the right to vote it was always giving. Men have always been giving everything before woman. Being a man already comes with a sense of dominance and masculinity. This may be interrupted as a positive or a negative thing depending on the case. For example, a gay man not wants to always be stereotyped as a dominant masculine female chasing man all the time. In some cases this be a good judge of character and may work in the male’s corner. Females have always
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