Are Millennials Lazy, Entitled, And Delusional? Essay

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Are Millennials Lazy, Entitled, and Delusional? From the Depression era to the Baby boomers to Generation Z, Millennials have already racked up qute an impressive amount of heat from past generations. Stuck between the “lost generation” and Generation Z, Generation Y is the biggest surge of growth since the baby boomer era. Thanks to immigration and technology this generation is the most diverse and advanced generation to hit the U.S. They are seen as careless, entitled, and rebellious compared to others. Is that really true, or are we wrongly classifying a whole generation based on the past when really we should be keeping an open mind? Millennials are a huge part of our workforce and our society. It would be naive to say that they are a lazy society, when they surpassed Gen X as the largest generation in the U.S workforce. “With its disproportionately large share of immigrants, and at an age of transition from college to the working world, the millennial generation 's workforce is highly likely to grow even farther in the near future.” (Fry, Richard. “ Millennials Surpass Gen Xers as the largest generation in U.S. labor force.” Pew Research Center,. N.P., 2015. Web 20 Nov 2016.) They are hard working and strive to move onto bigger and better things. Society wise, generation Y has the largest outreach bigger than all the others, and they are set to be even bigger. “ The millennial population is set to peak in 2036 with immigration adding until 81.1 million”. (Fry, Richard.
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