Are Miraculous Gifts For Today?

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ARE MIRACULOUS GIFTS FOR TODAY? Richard B. Gaffin presented cessationist position was very thought provoking and insightful. He began by setting the framework that he was not giving what many would think, a cessationist view would be, but he was giving the view of scripture according to John 3:8, which I find an ambiguous scripture, but one Gaffin references more than any other. Gaffin’s defense of his position was based on some theology but mostly philosophy; he attempted to use exegesis but he failed to make sound critiques of the texts presented. He did however raise a few profound questions that we Pentecostal/Charismatics should take notice of. Gaffin raises the question of disunity and ambiguity in the prophetic and speech gifts in the current church. He asks, “Does the Spirit, who gives gifts to unify and edify, work in the ambivalent and uncertain way” (p. 60)? I felt this was a legitimate question that needs to be addressed within the Pentecostal/Charismatic community. There was much about Gaffin’s arguments and writing style that I object to. Often, when writers don’t have a firm theological foundation to present their views, they spend their time proof texting the writing of other authors and theologians they disagree with. There was none Gaffin disagreed with more than Gordon Fee. However, poking holes in Fee’s statements neither disproves Pentecostalism or supports Cessationism. In many areas I felt Gaffin lost the point he was attempting to communicate

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