Are Mobile Phones Or Are They A Disctraction? Essay

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ARE MOBILE PHONES BENEFICAL OR ARE THEY A DISCTRACTION? INTRODUCTION Mobile phones play a very important role in our daily routine. We use it to check our mail, communicate with those we are in touch with, social media such as Facebook and also for work purposes at work and places such as school or university. However as research and personal experience shows, mobile phones are fifty percent of a distraction to us and fifty percent beneficial. This research essay aims to discuss how mobile phones are beneficial to us and how they are a disadvantage and how the disadvantages can be rectified to make these devices more beneficial to our workplace and us. This essay will firstly pose a brief evaluation to show how mobile phones cause problems and distractions, but they can also be a major advantage to making our daily lives easier. Secondly it will discuss how the disadvantages may be lowered to make this device at least seventy-five percent safe to use and finally it will show how mobile phones will affect the future generations. The following essay will be inspired by information gathered from Mark Deuze’s book “Media Work”, a journal called “The production of Cultural Perspective” written by Peterson and Anand, and another journal written by Mark Deuze called “Media Culture and Society. Other information and research will come from other websites, news pages and articles cited within the essay. LITERATURE REVIEW DISADVANTAGE AND PROBLEMS In his book ‘Media Work’, Mark

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