Are Museums Vs. Museums? Hag. Stuffy?

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Museums are boring. Stuffy. Musty. Much too “cultured” and “bourgeois”. Who cares about those old paintings? Not us, we say, as we flit from review book to science lab to English essay. Our parents want to plan something fun for the family, and perhaps we could try that new Italian place? Oh wait, we have to finish those notes. Do we even have time for fun anymore? Our friends are constantly busy on the weekends. The few plans hastily created on the group chat inevitably fade away as we are buried under the gargantuan strains of everyday life. Our minds are drained, exhausted, and oh so very stressed. We could use a break. Maybe even take a trip somewhere. Well, what about that “boring” museum? Although museums strike us as vapid, time-consuming, distant, and just plain stuffy, we should increase museum attendance in order to destress our lives and increase our overall awareness. Unfortunately, museums get a bad reputation as a place where people vacantly stare at paintings and sculptures with glazed eyes, drifting listlessly from room to room. Why spend money on a ticket when the same money could easily be spent on a new book, a colorful pen set, or a delicious meal? However, according to psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert, “happiness is in the content of moment-to-moment experiences.” The memory of an experience holds more weight than simply purchasing a new bag or shirt, and when people look back at past experiences, they tend to be happier when
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