Are My Shoes Too Big For You?

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Paola Plascencia
Professor Maughn
English 2
June 19, 2015
Are my shoes too big for you?
To most of us the idea that empathy is a good thing and can be thought of as a no brainer. The more we empathize with the plight of others, the more ethical and moral we behave towards them. From my perspective empathy may be viewed at as a continuum, cognitive and emotional empathy is not so different from each other, although to certain extremes they are quite distinct. Although, we feel so overwhelmed by a waterfall of emotion, trying to shut it out can bring on emotional imbalance. That is, once we can fully understand another person’s pain and emotions that is when we realize we are putting ourselves in their shoes.
Paul Bloom, a psychology and cognitive science professor at Yale University, wrote upon his thoughts in his essay, “Against Empathy”. Bloom gives briefs descriptions as to what he believes is the bottom line meaning of empathy. Bloom categorizes empathy as one word with two different meanings, cognitive and emotional empathy. Bloom claims he is adapting to the most common way of viewing the word empathy. Having cognitive empathy involves understanding what others may think and plan, reasoning, and recognition, whereas emotional empathy emotional empathy is described as a sentimental background. This includes, emphasizing with someone, putting ourselves in one’s emotional state, or feel ones emotion state. As for Bloom the two are largely independent in that we…

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