Are Nba Players Overpaid?

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Are NBA players overpaid? The subject of money can be very controversial when it comes to sports in general. Whether it is the NFL, NBA, or MLB, they all exist because of large sums money. The NBA in particular produces billions of dollars of revenue each year in advertisements, ticket sales, apparel, and other forms. Through these different forms of revenue, a portion of this money goes to all 30 teams in the NBA. In the millions of dollars that each team receives, parts of it go to the owners, coaches, players, and other staff, but that is not the main source of income for players.
Players receive their payment from their franchise which calls for the NBA to set salary caps. Salary caps limit the amount teams are allowed to pay
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They must perform for numerous amounts of years at extreme levels which reminds the audience that being a professional athlete is not easy. The author also notes that for every big contract you hear getting signed, there are those college stars that never make it and the players that make the league minimum. That statement shows the author’s sympathy for the affected athletes. A different side to high NBA salaries is (NBA players are overpaid sissies). This opinion editorial was written by a Joe Alicata, a student from the Albany Student Press. Alicata believes that NBA players are overpaid for the kind of service they provide. At the time, the NBA lockout had just ended in 2011 so he starts with a tone of both anger and relief. The lockout occurred because there was an issue of revenue sharing between players and owners. Previously the players received 57 percent of the NBA’s basketball-related income, but players wanted more. This issue was not only explained with anger and disgust by one person, but the Alicata believes that other fans were also angry. This particular fan ranted by saying, “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in my life…they make so much money, its childish.” The main points are made early in this reading; public arguments between players and owners about money are just ridiculous. Most people don’t even make millions a year and can only wish for that amount of money. Through that notion the audience should
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