Are Negro Baseball Player Disrespected Or Underpaid?

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In 1920, Andrew Foster created The Negro National League, which was made up of 8 teams: St. Louis Giants, Kansas City Monarchs, Indianapolis ABCs, Dayton Marcos, Cuban Stars, Detroit Stars, Chicago Giants and Chicago American Giants. In the same year the Negro Southern League was created and three years later in 1923 the eastern colored league was formed. That being said there were plenty of teams to watch and more than enough talent. Segregation played a great role in undermining any potential success of the Negro Leagues. But to what extent were Negro Baseball League players disrespected and underpaid?

After the civil war ended in 1865 baseball became a very popular sport played by men of all races. There were white teams, black teams and in some cases integrated teams, however in 1868 the NAB (National Association of Baseball) abolished integrated teams and restricted black
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Every sports team/organization operates the same when it comes to salaries some players get paid more than others and salaries fluctuate based on the economy. In the 1920s the average monthly salary for a Negro baseball player was about $230 which is about $2,760 annually. Whereas in the 1920s the average annual salary for a major league player was about $5,000 to $6,000. Then the dreaded 1930s hit the decade of depression. Despite the failing economy baseball was and is America's pastime and is always popular among the people. People would always manage to go see a baseball game every now and then. This would allow for an average annual salary increase of about $1000 from about $5000-$6000 to $7000. It obviously made sense that as the economy is failing salaries would start to decrease. Of course they did Negro baseball players monthly salary went down from $230 to $170. Which would be $2,040 annually about $720 less than the previous

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