Are Obese Children Doomed to be Obese Adults? Essay

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“Do You Think Obese Children are doomed to be Obese Adults?” In the subject of debates, a debate is an argument of a current event or other controversial topic that provides both sides of an argument. These could be negative and positive things or pros and cons of a topic. You can debate about almost anything as long as it is debatable and worth debating over. Some popular topics to debate about are school uniforms, playing music during class, abortion, obesity, health care reform, politics, and many more. The topic I have chosen for this debate paper is obesity. The question I have asked is, “Do you think obese children are doomed to be obese adults?” Obesity is and always has been a constant struggle in our nation. Our nation has had a…show more content…
Another con that obese children are doomed to become obese adults is that obesity is a disease. Obesity is a matter of personal responsibility. People become obese because they make bad dietary decisions and do not exercise enough or at all. Obesity does not have characteristic signs or symptoms like diseases typically have. The only characteristic sign of obesity is excess fat, which is the definition of obesity itself. There are also no symptoms for obesity (“Obesity”, 2014). Obesity is a disease and it does mean that a human has excess fat from making bad eating choices. If there is little to no exercise involved or any activity whatsoever, chances are that you will be obese and continue to be obese into the future. Since kids that are young usually have no choice in what they eat, they normally would follow what their parents would eat and continue to eat that way as they get older. Once these habits are developed, it increases the chances of those kids to become obese adults in the future. Fortunately, there are positive outlooks and possibilities in which obese children will not or most likely, won’t end up becoming obese adults in the future. Even though they say that genetics can hold people back from not being obese, it is also possible that this could be proven false. It

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