Are Organic Products More Nutritional than Non-Organic Products?

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Information: 1. Are organic products more nutritional than non-organic products? 2. Aim: To show that organic products are more nutritional than non-organic products. Hypothesis: Organic products have more nutritional value than non-organic products. 3. Introduction: Yogurt is a delicious dairy product that is filled with vitamins, calcium, protein and probiotics. Many teenagers enjoy eating yoghurt as it a simple on the go product, which can be a healthy alternative as a snack. It can boost your immunity as the calcium along with the good bacteria can reduce the risk of colon cancer and keep your colon healthy – it can also aid with digestion and absorption of nutrients due to the presence of lactic acid. Organic yogurt has even more advantages and benefits for your health than inorganic yoghurt (1). Organic produce is made using animal and environmentally friendly farming methods where as animals are treated in a humane manner. In yoghurt production it is a method where by no antibiotics or hormones are used on the animals that produced the dairy; where disease is minimized by preventative measures such as rotation grazing for the animal involved, thus ensuring a balanced diet and clean housing. (2). However, hormones and antibiotics in non-organic products given to dairy animals or humans have not been found to have negative long-term effects (1). Non-organic produce is made by using chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth as well as synthetic herbicides,

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