Are Personal Mobile Phones Bad For Business?

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Personal mobile phones bad for businesses. Personal mobile phones should not be used for personal use at work. With them being so convenient and accessible are becoming a problem. Continue reading to learn the effects mobile phones are causing worldwide at places of employment. Personal mobile phones at work are a distraction, they are decreasing work quality and productivity, along with adding security risks within companies. Personal mobile phones are a distraction in the work environment due to all the options you have in today’s technology. Majority of the apps on your mobile phone are equipped with notifications that are constantly popping up all hours of the day, and at work most individuals would be tempted to check those notifications. Mozes (2012) found “Young adults check their phone an average of 60 times per day” (P.1) These apps are endless with the type of choices you have for social media, games, movies, anything entertaining to society. While your phone may be put away or on silent, you would still be wandering what is going on with your phone regarding texts, social media, games, your mind would be elsewhere and the work tasks at hand wouldn’t have your full attention. Tindell DR and Bohlander RW (2012) learned from a study involving college students that they always bring their phone to class, as well as admitted to sending or receiving text messages while waiting for class to begin, and during class too. Thus, being a distraction at work while not even in

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