Are Phones Devices Good For Your Kids?

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Thu Dinh
April 14, 2016
Research paper
In the modern society, getting connection everywhere and anytime is the natural human need. Nowadays, mobile technology appeared and spread out around the world to meet peoples’ demand; furthermore, they are not only a communication tool but also a multi-purposes machine in education, business, entertainment, science, and technology. Beginning in the 21st century, the new age—generation Z is the first one that lives with modern technology such as mobile devices. Beside uncountable advantages for human development, mobile equipment is raising some serious problems in term of society, physical, and mental health for human; and specifically, children and teenagers are two direct objects of smartphone addicted. Thus, parents should monitor the time their children spend on mobile devices. One of the biggest reasons that parents should limit the time that their kids are spending on smartphones, is the bad effects on one’s physical health. Either less vision ability or poor sleep is the most concern problem. A recent survey from the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research Data shows that teenagers are likely to chat and check their social network account at night (Gregoire.) A study of The American Macular Degeneration Foundation about the effect of the mid-night checking smartphone habit on kids’ eyes proves that people visions and the blue light from electric devices are related.…

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