Are Players Abandoning Online Casinos For Mobile Play?

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Blog 7 – Are players abandoning online casinos for mobile play?

The world is certainly changing, as the days of home based computing are now seemingly coming to end. Billions are now computing on the go through handheld devices such as tablet and smartphones. 20 years ago the thought of using an Internet browser on a mobile phone was unfathomable. It was considered the stuff of Sci-Fi films of the 1980s and 1990s, but what was once fantasy is now certainly reality. Mobile based online casino gaming is now becoming commonplace, so much so that it is taking away from its desktop based older brother. In what makes for some interesting reading, a brand new study has revealed that players are putting plenty of time into mobile play.

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The mobile casino platform has been building serious momentum for the past several years, with it now looking like such momentum is showing in the polls.

Speedy Progression

The survey also through up some interesting facts for those who have their eyes on the business side of online casino play. It showed that as far as progression is concerned, players go through the motions much quicker on mobile devices. Through all players and providers surveyed, stats show that players progress from demo play to real-money play much quicker when playing through a mobile casino. Mobile players on average make a deposit every 10 days, but the average for traditional web based players is 14 days. Mobile players also seem to gamble more, as they 1.6x more likely to login daily than those who strictly play through online casinos.

Hanging in There

The reality is that mobile casino gaming is largely beating online casino gaming across the board. However, it definitely looks like online casino gaming isn’t going down without a fight. It seems that players still feel that online casinos deliver much better on both the payment options and the payout front. While it isn’t a huge win considering the rest of the survey, it does show that online casinos are still delivering in some aspects.

Learning Curve

It seems that not a week passes without someone somewhere conducting a survey
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