Are Police Society 's New Criminal?

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Are police society’s new criminal? To civilians they are in fact the new criminals. Throughout the years society has lost respect for law enforcement. Day after day civilians are dying from the hands of law enforcement, some are justified and some are not. Forcing the people to loose trust in the officers of the law. Minorities in particular fear them and are more likely to die from an encounter with the police. Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions as well as the higher ups. Police brutality isn’t just an issue to minorities it’s society’s problem that needs to be addressed and rectified. Police brutality numbers have risen over the years. In the U.S. alone police have fatally shot more than 575 people who were holding guns and other weapons since 2013 reported by the Washington Post. These number are astounding; what’s even more devastating is that these numbers are on the rise. The civilians in general are losing faith in law enforcement. Surveys in recent years that have been conducted with minority groups such as African Americas and Latinos have concluded that the trust in law enforcement is low and these individuals in particular feel that minorities are more likely to be handled aggressively by police with excessive force. The facts stated by a 2014 Pew Research Center survey and Gallop review that confirms patterns of racial divisions as well as patterns of distrust from minorities when they come in contact with law enforcement officers.…
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