Are Pregnancy Rates in Decline?

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Such names that come to mind are Jamie Lynn Spears, Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin), and even the late great William Shakespeare was a father at 18 (Dillon, 2008). This just proves that it’s not just the lower class of people who are subset to the consequences of being human. The high and mighty rich who are supposed to set an example can make mistakes that change their lives as well. But I do compliment the men and woman who do have children and drop out the spotlight to give their children the correct and proper attention they need and not have the media worrying about what goes on everyday in their lives.
Recent studies have shown that pregnancy rates have declined from 117 out of a 1000 to 64 out of 1000 teens over a teen year period (Nihira, 2012). Not only has it declined but it is becoming brought out more to the public attention how many children are coming out they are pregnant. A couple of reasons why it is declining attributes to the rise of parents giving a more clear “birds and bees” talk. All parents have to go through the talk with their children and depending on if they explain the consequences of growing up to soon most will never know until it occurs (Czarnecki, 2008). The attention of HIV/aids has also helped the decrease in teen pregnancy due to the fact couples are engaging in safe sex more the ever with proper…
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