Are Romeo And Juliet Really Romantic

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When reviewing Romeo and Juliet it turns out that Romeo is really romantic not only to Juliet, but also his first love Rosaline, for that reason later on Romeo is killed because of his romanticness. At the beginning, Romeo falls in love with Rosaline though she does not love him, so Romeo was downhearted until meeting Juliet. Furthermore, Romeo went and get the poison, after hearing that Juliet is dead then, head straight to the tomb where Juliet body’s placed and died by her side. Even Though, some readers might believe that Romeo die because he don't want to be alone, the action proves that Romeo would die for anybody he loves. Essentially, Romeo is killed because he is too romantic.
Romeo first love with Rosaline was unsuccessful, however Romeo was really romantic, Rosaline just don't have any feeling with him. The love that Romeo intended for Rosaline is what Romeo thought that is the definition of love, it's make him sad and hopeless. Romeo concludes “Why, such is love’s transgression, Griefs of mine own lie heavy on my breast, Which thou wilt propagate, to have it pressed”(1.1.179-189). To clarify, Romeo determined that love is something that you can’t forget and the feeling will never change. Even though, Romeo did not say that he would die for Rosaline,
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Although, since the beginning Romeo was already romantic to Rosaline, he said there are no one in the world could be more beautiful than her. Romeo mentioned that there are no one that could be more beautiful than Rosaline. “ When the devout religion of mine eye Maintains such falsehood, then turn tears to fires, And these, who often drown'd, could never die,”(1.1.90-95). Romeo told Benvolio that he can’t find anyone at the party, that could be more beautiful than Rosaline, even though there are some evidence shows that Romeo died because of Juliet, however without Juliet, Romeo might not able to survive because he couldn't forget about
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