Are Schools Cheating The Government?

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Do you ever hear those stories about children complaining to their parents about grades? They say it isn’t there fault, but it’s the teachers faults. Normally the parents don’t believe them, but maybe they should start too. Our school system is failing our bright, outstanding students. At least our students should be bright, and outstanding. That’s what our schools assessment tests say, but is that our students excelling in those tests or is it our teachers profound use of an eraser. Are schools cheating the government? Our schools are dumbing down classes so the students get good grades to pass on to the school board to pass. In their defense in order to keep the schools running they need government money, and the better the school is doing the more money they receive. Is it morally correct? Yes, no, maybe so depending on the person I suppose. I think the real question is switching answers, dumbing down our classrooms truly benefitting our students? I have a huge problem with our teachers cheating our government systems. The government requires students to take tests such as: Iowa test of basic skills, assessment tests, SATS, any many more. Why does the government require them? They are making sure our students are getting the best education possible and that our teachers are doing their job correctly. It is to benefit our students attending our schools. The only issue is when the students are behind and it shows in their government tests, the government tends to reduce…
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