Are Schools Pushing Students Towards Success Or Distress? Essay

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Are Schools Pushing Students towards Success or Distress? Many American students agree that there are major issues in the current education system. These flaws are creating stress, confusion, and other feelings that leave some students with no sense of direction. One of these problems are school’s career programs, particularly in elementary, middle, and high schools. Early on, children are being educated about potential job opportunities. To some, this may sound beneficial to students because it seems as if they are being introduced to various occupations and preparing for success. But what if that’s not the case? While guiding a student through their plans for the future can be helpful, this isn’t always as great as it seems. Some schools are requiring that students choose a career path at a young age, before they are even aware of the multitude of professions available to them, which can lead to regret later in life. Others limit a student’s choice by offering few options when it comes to deciding on a job. In some cases, student’s may not even wish to follow a traditional career path, instead working odd jobs or as a stay-at-home parent. Whatever the situation, many children and teenagers feel that the current career programs in schools are unsuccessful. Schools should focus less on careers because the students’ choices are not only introduced too early, but are also limited, and students who don’t want an ordinary job are usually left out of consideration. In many
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