Are Schools Safe? Essay

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Over the past decade school violence has been on the rise. School violence has always existed in some form or another, whether it is a fight out on the play ground or a stabbing in the parking lot. However nothing got the nation's attentions like the April 20, 1999, Columbine school shooting. Ever since that day the nation wants to know what to do to protect the kids in this country. Many schools have gotten increasingly stricter on their policies, especially the schools that have more money. What about the schools that cant' afford metal detectors and security officers? American public schools are not safe, and need to have greater security measures to ensure the students' safety.

The news of Columbine was all over the TV,
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11% of teens surveyed know that kid bring weapons to school on a regular basis. Some just want to see if they can get away with it. Others want to threaten, hurt, or kill. Kids are also constantly being bullied; kids can be ruthless, because they don't think that their actions could really be affecting someone for the long term. Some schools don't have the money ( only 5% of the schools in the nation have metal detectors) for things like metal detectors and security however they do have the time for discipline. Schools disregard teasing because kids do it all the time; it is considered normal. However children often end up with serious mental conditions; such as anxiety, depression and a feeling of self worthlessness.

It's is a well known fact that kids bring weapons into school. They might just want to show off their dad's new hunting knife or their mom's gun they keep in her purse. Everyone remembers the story of the kindergartener that brought a gun to school. A five-year-old boy from Albuquerque New Mexico was suspended from kindergarten after bringing a pellet gun to school. A teacher at Alameda Elementary School found the gun in the boy's bag after students mentioned he was showing it off. The pellet gun was not loaded. The boy was suspended for three days and school officials spoke with his parents about the incident. These kids might not want to hurt anyone; they most
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