Are Science and Religion in Conflict? - Paper

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Are Science and Religion in Conflict? The debate about the compatibility of science and religion has been quite ongoing for a while. Many clergy men do not believe that both institutions are in conflict with each other. In fact people have come to believe that they both complement each other. In other words, science provides an explanation where religion falters and religion provides an explanation where science falters. This argument has been used to quell inquiries into the relationship that exists
(or seems to) between science and religion. The argument being presented in this paper is very straightforward. It transcends the borders laid out by the proponents of the compatibility of science and religion regarding how they seem to
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The only reason by which they will stop being in conflict is if either scientific laws become based solely on unobservable or seemingly supernatural and spiritual phenomena, or religious laws become solely based on what can be observed, experimented upon, and subjected to rigorous confirmation and disconfirmation analysis. Apparently, this is not the case and since it is not so, then on what basis is science and religion not in conflict if the very foundational method of belief are different? Proponents of a unifying factor between science and religion try very hard to come up with something that binds the two schools of thought together, something that they both have in common with each other that will make them seem as a single entity. Religion in most cases may be seen as an attitude of devotion to human values and if this is the case, there can be no conflict [emphasis added] (Stark1963). Also, using the definition of the term ‘natural’ above, one may also aver that religious laws are natural laws. As a matter of fact, religious laws are not made by man and just like scientific laws they exist in the natural universe. Religion may be seen as a form of science except that it seeks to explain what physical sciences cannot explain. In this way, they do not actually have to be the same thing in order not to be in conflict, they can be different and still not be in conflict with each
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