Are Seeds The Seeds? Essay

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So far we have prepared the soil, chosen which seed to sow (goal); sown the seed. What there is left to do is to nurture the seed to make sure it comes out of the ground successfully. And when it 's out, we have to guard the young plant in its environment to make sure its life is not snuffed out before it reaches a stage where we can proudly reap its delicious fruits. To start with, the seed will have its own preliminary hurdles to surmount, such as making its way around stones in the soil and so on. When it manages to show its head as a seedling, you need to be careful its growth is not thwarted by weeds, slugs and other pests. I guess you can see where I am going with this. It 's plausible to liken the pests and weed to the wide range of negative thoughts and feelings you have to make a conscious effort to control after the Prayer Ritual. Thoughts and feelings are realities, and will attract similar circumstances and people into your life. Negative thoughts and feelings you know will attract adverse circumstances and people who will hinder you from attaining the goal you have set. If you are going be able to hem in these sources of negative vibrational frequencies you need to understand how they are interconnected. A thought creates feeling of a similar nature. This thought and feeling will dictate the action you take. A repetition of this thought and feeling will result in repeated action which will amount to a habit. If the original thought was negative, this habit

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