Are Single Sex Schools Better Than Co Ed?

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Same Sex or Coed Learning Are single-sex schools better than co-ed? We must first ask ourselves what is the main purpose of educating our youth. If the answer is to simply just teach our youth the basics like Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Sciences then the answer would be yes. However, it is paramount that we also educate our youth in these topics while also preparing them to social interact and solve issues with all races and sexes. A single sex school or classes would greatly limit this. Single-sex schools or classes will not produce a young adult who is as well rounded and socially ready to be a successful adult in our society. Single Sex schools and classes benefit girls and boys alike. It has been proven that boys and girls have different learning styles (Single-sex Education). These types of classes or schools give the teachers the ability to tailor their classes to be more effect (Fratt). “Practitioners say boys and girls have some different learning styles: Boys tend to compete in class, quickly raising their hands or even blurting out answers; girls more often work well learning in small groups with other students” (Archer). An example of this would be that boys learn better through a direct approach such as “prove it” it motivates them more (Fratt). Girls learn better by being shown how the material can help in the world (Fratt). Different learning styles are not the only reason separating the sexes can be beneficial. At a certain age teenagers can be

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