Are Skeletons Are The New Healthy?

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Skeletons Are the New Healthy Living in the twenty-first century, the majority of the population strives to be healthy. The emphasized word is “strives”. A few of these aspirants are successful in achieving their goal and actually embody a wholesome lifestyle. Others, however, classify themselves as fit and well nourished, but are not correctly executing the steps to a strong, long-living body. According to, the word “healthy” is defined as “possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality” (healthy). The minds of some people do not realize the true meaning of this adjective. Based on social media, advertisement, and social groups their brains are twisted into believing in unhealthy ways of being healthy. This issue is commonly triggered in girls as opposed to boys, especially between the ages of twelve to eighteen. At this age girls are being exposed to new perspectives and learning how to take care of their own bodies (Dugan). Girls are vigorously trying to stay or become as they so call “fit”, but how they are accomplishing their goal is the main problem. This strict health phase among women has not been around forever, it is becoming so universal all of a sudden, but why? The use of social media is becoming a daily task in our society, notably among these teenage girls. It is popping up everywhere. Today, websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc., are all actively used by adolescents. Our generation of kids is absorbed
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