Are Social Networking Sites Good For Our Society?

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Nahida Sultana Dr. Rachel C. Henderson ENG 1101 18 November 2015 Are Social Networking Sites Good for Our Society? We are living in the 21st century and technology began to change very promptly. After the Supercomputers were introduced in the 1960s, scientists and engineers started to develop the networks between those supercomputers, and later they discovered the internet, which is a global communication device where people all around the world can meet and talk about pretty much anything. The development of the internet age has enabled people to inhabit a life at a faster speed. In today’s society, many people across the world are accessing the internet multiple times a day. It makes people’s lives very easily from different side. Many people use the internet on their smartphones and check their email, Facebook, bank account balance, etc. via the internet. However, one of these things, most of the people busy with their social networking sites than the others. Social networks are an essential part of today’s Internet and used by more than a billion people worldwide. A social networking website is an online platform that allow people to share ideas and interact with other people, from childhood friends to unknowns. This interaction reveals much information, often including personal information noticeable to anyone who wants to view it. There are a bunch of social networking sites in the world. Most of the people especially teenagers have several accounts in social
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