Are Sports Programs For Children And Teenagers Too Intense?

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Are sports programs for children and teenagers too intense? Youth sports are being questioned by the public as being too intense. One of the reasons for this is that sport specialization is up to a record high 25 percent(Sirs). This means that one in every four people are only playing one sport which can lead to injuries and psychological issues. Another issue is injuries in youth sports. Most specifically football is being researched intensely for head injuries that can hurt the children for the rest of their lives. Even though some believe that youth sport programs should be less intense they still believe that all sports are helping the youth grow up to be leaders for the next generation. Although many believe youth sports programs…show more content…
One of the major reasons why adult think youth sports are being too intense is that sports specialization is at a record high. Although this is true it is still only at 25 percent. Sports specialization should not happen until 15 or 16 according to a harvard study(Sirs). If 25 percent of people are specializing in one sports that mean 75 percent of youth are not focusing on one sport. So even though some youth are specializing in one sport he majority of of youth players do not focus on one sport but rather play multiple sports. Jane Cray, a parent whose child specialises in hockey, says that the main reason she lets her son, who is 10, specialize is she believes that this will help him earn an athletic scholarship to a major college. This is not true. There was a study done by harvard in which they found out that specializing does not make you a better athlete or better at that one sport. Playing multiple sports when youth athletes are young helps develop to the athletes athletic potential quicker than they would. The second reason adults believe youth sports are too intense is because of the growing increase of injuries. The argument I would make against that almost double kids are actually playing sports now. If more youth are playing the sport then it’s reasonable to think that there would be more injuries. There is also more research being done now then ever trying to prevent sport injuries. One organization called

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