Are Students Being Assigned Too Much Homework?

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Are Students Being Assigned Too Much Homework? The younger generations have been assigned an extreme amount of homework in school. The homework has overwhelmed many of them making them dislike school or even wondering the point of it. Education today is taught on the same level to all students but every child is different on their ways of learning, their attitude towards it is different. It is sad to know that even an Act created by a president titled “No Child Left Behind” has failed in an article by Kenneth Jost critics say that law has hurt education by overemphasizing standardized tests and unfairly labeling schools as underperforming without providing necessary help to improve. Students should be taught in a group and one on one at their own pace not the pace that some teacher’s paper says. Today, schools are issuing an abundant amount of homework to pupils ones which has caused a lot of stress, a dislike of learning, and even have caused grades to drop. Over the past few decades the amount of homework being assigned to younger ones in school has doubled and has had no real benefit, but rather it has caused many of the students to feel overwhelmed with stress. The younger a child is the harder the ability to cope with stress is. Yes, it is normal for a child to undergo stress but when it is excessive that stress leads to lifelong problems even affecting the child’s way to adapt to new things in life. In an article titled “Students Under Stress” Marcia Clemmitt

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