Are Students Cheating Due to Pressure?

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Are Students Cheating Due to Pressure? Academic cheating has always been frowned upon by society and reasoned as the easy way out. From a teacher's point of view, cheating may be unethical. On the other hand, from a student’s viewpoint, cheating may be the necessary survival skill in school. Society has always been solely focused on how terrible cheating is but it has never considered the pressures that essentially cause students to cheat. Many pressures contribute to academic dishonesty such as the pressure to succeed, pressure for positive recognition, and the pressure to complete the task even with the teacher's inadequacy to explain the material. There are various forms of academic cheating; methods of this act are certainly not…show more content…
Educators definitely don’t plan on sitting back and allowing students to cheat and get away with it. They have different strategies under their sleeves in attempt to stop cheating. Erich Martel, a history teacher at Wilson High School in the District, was recently involuntarily transferred to another school in part because he used anti-cheating devices such as printing tests with fonts too small to be read from the next desk (Mathews). This will not be effective because students are going to cheat regardless of the fact that educators make every effort to try and prevent it. “Most experts doubt cheating will disappear” (Marklein) Although teachers have tried several tactics in trying to prevent cheating, it is almost impossible to escape. With all of the attempts to try and stop cheating, why have teachers not thought of getting to the root of the problem which is actually teaching. Obviously if educators were taking their job more seriously and actually teaching, students would not have to cheat because they would have the knowledge to pass these tests with flying colors. The material is not being explained well enough which is pressuring students to find another way to succeed in class which for most students is cheating. However, students are not the only ones to blame here for cheating though. “It would be easy to blame cheaters for poor time management, for succumbing to the growing number of temptations (such as
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