Are Tattoos, Art?

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There are many forms of art in today’s society, all ranging in a wide variety of intricacy and complexity. From performing arts, there is also interpretive arts and the classic hand molding and paint brush wielding type of art. Most art is easily distinguished, but there’s another form that has been bubbling to the surface for quite some time now and that art form is tattooing. Though many disagree that this is an actual art form, most often times, people determine tattooing as a “rite of passage,” for when a person turns 18 at the very least, but are tattoos, truly considered an art?
The trend of tattooing grew rapidly as a rebellious act in the early 80’s, however, tattooing actually dates back much further. The earliest record of
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In addition, Barbajosa unveils the cause of the tattooing industry going viral. One of the first tattooing milestones was when “Samuel O'Reilly patented the first electric tattoo machine in 1891,” (Barbajosa, 2004) this marked the day that tattoos went industrial and much more accessible to the general population. For instance, in the 1920’s, “circuses provided work for about 300 people and allotted payment of on average, $200 a week, just for having full body tattoos,” (Barbajosa, 2004) which was a lot of money then and a lot of money now! But even here, the purpose of tattoos is altered and questioned. Can tattooing be considered real art if the purpose for being marked up is to make money for looking different then others?
"People who are into tattoos, know that it's art," (Jones, 2011) argues Jonathan Jones in his article, Eye-catching, but Are Tattoos Art? Though the majority who tattoo or get tattooed could agree as it’s a personal preference and experience- singer Jimmy Buffett rebuttals that “Tattoos are a permanent decision to a temporary feeling,” (Barbajosa, 2004). Buffett brings up an excellent point, as time goes on and trends change and grow, people designs are replicated until the design becomes tired and outdated. When fine art is produced, generally it is admired for many centuries, studied by following generations and doesn’t often become outdated because artwork is unique and one of a kind.

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