Are Termites Prefer Circular Paths Over The Ones With Sharp Angles?

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Author: Wiktor Kostecki; Group members: Ashley Milner, Upama Ferdousi, Jinyu Lan Termites’ Path Preference; an investigation of inclination towards shapes and angles. Based on the observations and experiments conducted by all of the groups, the presented hypothesis: “Termites prefer circular paths over the ones with sharp angles”, is a logical extension of inductive reasoning, which needed to be tested by a carefully planned and executed experiment. Following a long and interesting debate, the students and lab instructor have reached consensus and decided to test the hypothesis stated above. As the plausibility of the claim that termites are being drawn to shapes/paths marked with a pencil was widely disproved by groups which used it in their experiments, black ink pen with which those organisms seemed to be engaged with, was almost universally agreed upon as the tool to use in the experiment for the path drawing. What is more, some students suggested to test whether termites are attracted by the smell of the ink, but since no data were produced in previous experiments, it would be considered an experimental gamble to examine it, owing to the fact that the shapes were more extensively studied by lab participants. Hence, developing an experiment that would rely solely on the sense of smell was disapproved after an exchange of ideas between the instructor and the class, as forming and testing hypotheses based on navigation solely by olfactory sense would not be dictated by a

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