Are Texting And Driving Laws Strong Enough?

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Are Texting and Driving Laws Strong Enough?
What started as a morning full of joy and energy for a young woman in North Carolina on April 24, 2014, ended in tragedy that same morning. Ann Sanford, was driving while using her phone to update her Facebook page; the police report indicated that the latest update to her social page was made at 8:33 am Thursday. The latest update of the young Ann Sanford read "The happy song makes me happy" While she was updating his profile on the social site Facebook her car took the opposite lane, the seconds it took for this young lady to update her social media was enough to cause Ann to jump into the opposite lane crashing into a truck and losing her life instantly (Hastings, 2014, p 1). Current laws for texting and driving are not strong enough to raise awareness or influence drivers to avoid this habit that is causing so many misfortunes. The laws that penalize texting and driving should be reinforced and accepted by every state in the United States because texting and driving is becoming one of the main reasons for car accidents and deaths in the United States.
The use of electronic devices while driving undoubtedly represents a serious danger to everyone, it is a fact that driving while utilizing these devices affects our ability to keep our car in lane, our ability to react in time and our judgment. These impediments could cause an accident that injuring person or in other cases may cause death. When using electronic equipment remove…
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