Are Texting And Driving Laws Strong Enough?

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Are Texting and Driving Laws Strong Enough? What started as a morning full of joy and energy for a young woman in North Carolina on April 24, 2014, ended in tragedy that same morning. Ann Sanford, was driving while using her phone to update her Facebook page; the police report indicated that the latest update to her social page was made at 8:33 am Thursday. The latest update of the young Ann Sanford read "The happy song makes me happy" While she was updating his profile on the social site Facebook her car took the opposite lane, the seconds it took for this young lady to update her social media was enough to cause Ann to jump into the opposite lane crashing into a truck and losing her life instantly (Hastings, 2014, p 1). Current laws for…show more content…
Distracted driving is equivalent to the use of cell phones, laptops, games in the car, the use of radio system including an intense conversation with a passenger. Certainly the habit of using cell phones associated texting and driving is the worst distraction and cause thousands of deaths each year around the United State. Most states in the United States have begun to create different types of laws against this kind, but so far these laws have not been effective. According to the Department of Transportation studies in only 4 states (CA, LA, MN and WA) it showed that the low-level laws implementation against texting and driving contributed to an increase in the statistics of accidents and deaths attributed to texting and driving (2014 p. 1). The Department of Transportation states that this increase in numbers is associated to those people that have chosen to avoid being seen went using their electronic devices looking away for much longer after the laws was imposed, this cause major incidents on the road. In these same studies conducted by the Department of Transportation indicate that the implementation of more stringent laws decreased the number of accidents and deaths caused by texting and driving. The imposition of tougher laws seems to be a far more effective idea, the Department of Transportation shows that
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