Are The Ten Commandments Still Relevant

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The Ten Commandments are behind The American Flag in the House of Representatives Chamber. The United States government in some ways is based off the Ten Commandments and other common sense morals that can be agreed upon by most, if not all. Unlike laws, morals are not changed or amended. Society’s perspective of morals have changed, but the morals themselves have not. Although not everyone may follow the moral code the same way or at all, a moral code still exists whether it is used or not because the code has not changed but the interpretation is always evolving. There is a universal moral code, that never changes, only the interpretation of it changes. The world is always changing, even rules, regulations, what is considered right and…show more content…
Most morals are related to what The Ten Commandments say. Morals have been passed down through multiple generations…show more content…
Even the United States laws are based on some of these Commandments. The Britannica School Encyclopedia explains that “In the last 200 years, modern nations have evolved a kind of universal ethic that originated with ideas about human rights to life, liberty, and property that developed during the period of the Enlightenment. Whether honored in practice or not, there is at least an acceptance of the notion that the lives of human beings are meant to be improved by abolishing disease, poverty, and ignorance” (Ethics and Morality). There is a moral code whether people follow it or not. There may be some small things that are different and also things that were okay twenty years ago that are not allowed now and vice versa. The Britannica School Encyclopedia states that “Philosophers have said for thousands of years that people do not willingly do what is bad for themselves but may do what is bad for others if it appears that good for themselves will result” (Ethics and Morality). There are many things that some may say is okay and some may say it is not. For example
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