Are There Any Immoral Religions Or Any Moral Atheists?

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Catherine Stallings
Ethics and Society
30 July 2014

Are There Any Immoral Religions or Any Moral Atheists?
The understanding of moral philosophy lays the basis for comprehending the nature of any other type of philosophical discipline. Many of the philosophers in the past believed in the existence of a Mighty being who is in control of everything. In the same breath, Aristotle and Aquinas believed that God took care of everything, and only living a virtuous life guaranteed to be like Him. On some issues, Aquinas supported Aristotle 's thinking, while in others he differed intensely. To achieve this goal, an array of intellectual and ethical virtues enables an individual to seek proper means of reaching telos or final destination. Both scholars believed that all human beings aimed for a better ending termed eudemonia or happiness.

Thomas Aquinas came up with natural law that integrated the works of early philosophers into the Christian doctrines. All scholars understood human being as a rational creature that could reason and make sound decisions on life matters. Therefore, human beings possess the practical reasoning that enables them to choose the right ways and avoiding evil (Boss 86). The only question among the scholars is how an individual should live to attain this happy supposition. Different views that various people possess makes it difficult to know which virtues are acceptable and which ones are not. Aristotle did not believe in religious activities but
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