Are There So Much Violence on Video Games?

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Are the violence in video games to much? The violence use to be so little and mild now it’s just outragous to where the games look like real life from the characters, to the items in the games, and voices for the characters. The games are no longer little fuzzy pictures now they look like pictures that you have taken of an actual person. Should video games with violence in them even be able to hit the shelf to sale? Let’s be honest there the new thing that is trending now in our time. With the popular games like “Call of Duty “& “Grand Theft Auto” they are packed with action and violence. From the foul language, weapons, fighting, and other violence these video games are the top sellers. Do they effect people life’s in any kind of way? If so is it in a good or bad way? Should children really be able to play these games, not really that’s why they have the different ratings on them. Like the games with the violence in them are rated “ R “ and are only approved for adults or 18+ to play. Why do these games even have violence in them anyway? What ever happened to the old fashion games like “Pac Man” & “Tic Tac Toe” they didn’t have no type of violence in them and everyone use to love them. Do these video games become addictive for people? Some people can play these games for hours at a time with only getting up to use the rest room or eating. Its getting so serious to the point where some people are gaining so much weight from not even exercising enough because all
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