Are Those Gases Dangerous?

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Are those gases dangerous? We wouldn’t know, but at this point the Earth is just looking after itself by getting rid of the most oil it can and putting it into our atmosphere. A few percentages more sink to the bottom of the ocean along with some sediment and are deposited along the ocean floor where it will continue to affect wildlife populations feeding in that area for generations. Not to forget, more oil is to be lost on migrating populations as they flee from the thick gunk left in their homes or from their food sources (Rodenberg, 2010). In reality, the company is able to collect only a fraction, about ten to fifteen percent (Seed, 1992) of the 11 million gallons dumped into the Alaskan Gulf so should the ocean be repaid in reparations for this war on its ecological communities? If you’re still confused on how badly these communities are affected, let me explain. Hundreds of thousands of organisms died in response to the oil dump as a result of consuming, residing in, or consuming other animals with oil in their bodies (Robards, 2014 ). People tend not to realize how badly pollution affects animals and ecosystems around the world, but this form of water pollution definitely took a toll on too many ecosystems to be dismissed. The aquatic animals living in that region of the pacific have no escape from the oil; they don’t know how to live in any other climate as they have grown accustomed to the cold and semi-freezing waters in the Gulf of Alaska. Almost every single sea
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