Are Too Many People Going To College

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Are too many people going to college? This is the question that has pondered many over the past few years. With increasing tuition and increasing attendance, college is becoming “not everything that it is cracked up to be.” Charles Murray, an author from the American Enterprise Institute, wrote an article in 2008 entitled “Are Too many People Going to College?” In the article he makes the arguments that the concept of college is slowly changing. Social norms are decimating the system, people get way too ahead of themselves with their life plans, and the system is suffering as a direct result. Murray indirectly states that too many people are going to college, sending the current system into shambles. Murray effectively states his opinion through persuasive writing, a simple structure, and notable examples that draw the audience into the essay.

Although this is a persuasive piece, it seems as if the arguments are not explicitly stated, but greatly implied throughout the passage. If we dig down deep to find the main argument, Murray believes that too many people are in fact going to study at college. Within the introduction, Murray states that, “More people should be going to college, not fewer. Yes and no,” (Murray 223). Before he could get ahead of himself with answering his own question, he looks at the big picture overall. He examines the statistics of the financial situations regarding college as well as the competence of potential students (Murray 235).
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